General recommendations for creating a new page

  • Select the data source, choosing the necessary DB tables and deselecting unnecessary columns such as ROWID and linked collections. Choose columns with unique identifiers as the primary key, such as _ID or similar.
  • Generate CRUD windows, but select not to open Add and Edit windows in dialogs.
  • Add the main window to the navigation menu, including an icon.
  • Set permissions for the three windows.
  • Use H2 for headings.
  • Rename headings in German. Dynamically generate the heading for the Edit window using an expression similar to ${String.Concat("Edit lead type ", leadtyp.TYP)} or write a function which returns your desired heading as a string
  • Delete table columns in the main window that will definitely never need to be displayed (internal keys, etc.).
  • Hide table columns that should not be displayed in the default state. Like this the user could always show those columns when you give him the opportunity