Configurable radzen blazor filter dropdown on main page

In my apps I follow the concept of user definable filters which can be selected by other users to filter their data. I took this idea from user interface of Microsoft Team Foundation Server ui. I store those filter definitions in a separate table called "ticketfilteroptionen" is part of another post in this blog. To implement this mechanism in a new main page you can follow the steps described in this post.

Definition of filter dropdown in ui

Modifications of load method in main page

Defintion of search variable

Definition of variable multiplevalues in partial class of page

        List<Guid> _multipleValues;
        public List<Guid> multipleValues
                return _multipleValues;
                if (_multipleValues != value)
                    _multipleValues = value;

Definition of SaveStateAsync2 method

        protected bool allowRowSelectOnRowClick = true;
        protected RadzenDropDownDataGrid<System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Guid>> dropdownDataGridFilter;
        public ApplicationUserState state = new ApplicationUserState();

        /// <summary>
        /// Sichert die State-Daten des dropdownDataGrids in den State-Speicher
        /// </summary>
        /// <returns></returns>
        private async Task SaveStateAsync2()
            await Task.CompletedTask;

            await state.SetData(Security, "Beleg", "dropdownDatagridFilter", ApplicationUserState.Screentypes.Desktop, "dropdownDataGridFilterSettings", JsonSerializer.Serialize<List<Guid>>(multipleValues));



Transfer selected filter dropdown values in search variable

            if (multipleValues != null)
                foreach (var item in multipleValues)
                    Models.EEvolution.Ticketfilteroptionen ticketfilter = EEvolution.GetTicketfilteroptionenById(item).Result;
                    Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString = (Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString == "") ? ticketfilter.FILTER : Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString + " && " + ticketfilter.FILTER;

Set default value for search variable if no filter is selected

Replace active user login variable from filter definition because of scope problems during execution of main LINQ statement

            if (Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString.Contains("#User.eEvolutionLogin#")) {
                Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString = Globals.SelectedBelegFilterString.Replace("#User.eEvolutionLogin#", "\"" + Security.User.eEvolutionLogin + "\"");

Example of filter settings for main load select

Set filter for dropdown list so that only filters for this page are shown

Finally at least one filter should be defined as system filter, which is then available to all users

Eventually table values in dropdown list "Tabelle" have to be extended so that your needed table is shown here

new List<DropdownValue>(){new DropdownValue(){Id = 0, Name="ARBEITSBERICHTE"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 1, Name="PROJEKTE"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 2, Name="TICKET"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 3, Name="LEAD"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 4, Name="INTERESSENT"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 5, Name="KUNDE"}, new DropdownValue(){Id = 6, Name="AAGFAKT"}}